Airfreight Forwarding

Course Lessons: 17
Learner Hours: 8.5

Discusses airfreight forwarders operations, including cargo carriers relationships and pricing models. Organizational structure of an airforwarder including the role of IATA agents are also discussed. An overview of the air cargo consolidation process and air cargo terminal operations including the the managements and sales process are covered.

Course Overview

In this FreightPath course you will learn about the services provided by airfreight forwarders, known also simply as airforwarders. We will address the relationship an airforwarder has with airlines, truckers and other service providers needed to fulfill its service to the “”shipper””, its customer.

In addition to the above relationships, we will address:

  • Air cargo pricing models, and how an airforwarder adds value in order to earn a profit
  • Typical airforwarder operations organization structure based on job assignments and task responsibilities
  • Why most international airforwarders also are IATA air cargo agents
  • The air cargo consolidation process, and why airforwarders need their own personnel or else agents at airports throughout the world
  • Air cargo terminal operations
  • Typical airforwarder management and sales structures