IAC Security Training: Drivers, Dispatchers & Supervisors

Training for employees who will be responsible for accepting, storing, staging, or tendering cargo while under supervision by a higher trained supervisor.

Course Overview

“This course meets the air cargo security training requirements specified in the IACSSP for IAC employees and AR personnel performing one or more of the following responsibilities under general supervision by a higher-trained person at IAC or AR facilities:

  • Accepting air cargo: including screened cargo for which verification of the Chain of Custody Process is required
  • Storing, picking and accounting for cargo: taking into consideration its status (known shipper vs. unknown shipper cargo, screened cargo vs. unscreened cargo)
  • Staging, consolidating and containerizing cargo: including picking up cargo from storage to configure a consolidation, loading the cargo into a ULD container or pallet and, for screened cargo, affixing required TET
  • Tendering cargo: including selecting, staging and turning over cargo to employee and AR truck drivers for delivery to airlines, other IACs and CCSFs, including completion of IAC screened cargo certification document

This training is not sufficient for IAC employees working unsupervised and/or primarily engaged in customer service, shipment routing, shipment documentation, or organizing cargo consolidations. This training refers to applicable provisions within the IACSSP, amendments and alternate procedures thereto, and implementing instructions relevant to each trainee’s individual security function. Availability of these source documents is not required for successful completion of this training. This training encourages employees to seek clarification on any issues of concern with one’s supervisor or IAC Security Coordinator.”