IAC Security Training: Non-Operations Personnel

IAC training for employees who do not have direct operational roles.

Course Overview

“This course meets the air cargo security training requirements specified in the IACSSP for IAC, CCFS or AR personnel whose work situation requires unescorted access to outbound air cargo, but who otherwise need no understanding of IAC, CCSF or AR operational tasks and work flow. Examples of job assignments for which this training is appropriate include:

  • Temporary workers and casual labor whose work will be closely directed by higher trained IAC, CCFS or AR personnel
  • Security personnel
  • Janitorial personnel
  • Workers assigned to other departments within an IAC facility who need to traverse air cargo handling and storage areas to access supplies, equipment, storage room, lunchroom, rest rooms, etc.

This training is not adequate for personnel performing air cargo operations tasks (e.g., customer service, routing, documentation, cargo acceptance and/or transfer, ground transportation). Students are encouraged to seek clarification on any issues of concern with one’s supervisor.”