Ocean Cargo and Transportation Regulations

Course Lessons: 25
Learner Hours: 12.5

Introduction to ocean cargo transportation including FMC regulations and overview VOCC an NVOCC’s. Explanation of tariffs and the FMC’s role in regulating price excess.

Course Overview

In this FreightPath course you will learn about the physical movement of cargo by ocean vessel, services provided by vessel operators, more commonly known as “”shipping lines””.

We then address in detail the U.S. Federal Maritime Administration (FMC) regulation of business practices of these shipping lines, referred to as “”vessel operating common carriers”” (VOCCs).

In addition to regulating VOCCs, the FMC also licenses and regulates ocean freight forwarders and “”non-vessel ocean common carriers”” (NVOCCs), which it jointly refers to as “”ocean transport intermediaries”” (OTIs).

You will also learn about tariffs through which VOCCs and NVOCCs define their terms of service and may also publish charges for their services. Finally, we will address the recent FMC regulations to curb unreasonable excessive charges when ocean cargo congestion and transportation delays occur.