SCPRO: Customer Service Operations

Course Lessons: 5
Learner Hours: 12.5

Learn the management of customer relationships including the importance of communication, perceptions, understanding the product & service and knowing quality as it pertains to customer service.

Course Overview

“Customer service operations is woven into every aspect of the supply chain; therefore, customer satisfaction and customer retention are of paramount importance for every company. When properly implemented, customer service can be an enabling process and strategy to create customer satisfaction which, in turn, creates pleased and loyal customers. Maintaining these relationships is key for continued sales and repeat business. To provide customer satisfaction at every level, customer service should be embedded in the culture of the organization and needs to be the responsibility of every employee. This training track discusses the basics of customer service; sound communications; advice for dealing with challenging customers; the customer order and return processes (reverse logistics); jobs in customer service; and legal concerns.

Enroll in Customer Service Operations to:

  • Understand customer service functions in a supply chain
  • Define good customer service
  • Explain how customer service can lead to customer satisfaction”