SCPRO: Supply Chain Management Principles

Course Lessons: 7
Learner Hours: 12.5

Learn the concepts of the supply chain and all its components, from raw materials to retail products ready for purchase.

Course Overview

“The Supply Chain Management Principles training track is a great place to start and is a ‘launch pad’ to begin your supply chain educational and certificate process. It provides a high-level overview of each of the functions in a supply chain. After you complete this track, you will have a broad appreciation for how each of the individual supply chain functions operate and how they are ‘linked’ in a chain to enable organizations to plan and execute product and service delivery to achieve customer satisfaction. Since all of the remaining seven training tracks are introduced at a high level in Principles, this might spark your interest, enthusiasm, and choice for your next track enrollment.

  • Enroll in the Supply Chain Management Principles to:
  • Discuss the functions in a supply chain
  • Define SCM
  • Explain how supply chains must be integral to an organization’s strategic goals”