SCPRO: Transportation Operations

Course Lessons: 10
Learner Hours: 12.5

Learn the different types of transportation modes (air, water, rail, pipeline) used throughout the supply and reasons for selecting certain modes.

Course Overview

“The Transportation Operations training track provides the details for transporting goods. Transportation of goods often requires multiple modes of transportation. The combination of modes can vary depending on cost, values, dimensions, weights, frequencies, time-sensitive delivery requirements, and other special requirements (e.g., hazardous or refrigerated cargoes).

Key elements of this track include modes of transportation; transportation technology; company roles and operations within the transportation field; the impact of transportation on the overall economy; sustainability in transportation; and how the field is evolving to meet the projected needs of the future.

Numerous positions exist in each of the various modes of transportation; rail, water, air, road, and pipeline. Other key positions also exist in customs, freight forwarding, brokering, and transportation security to support the actual movement of goods.

Enroll in Transportation Operations to:

Define the various modes of transportation options
Define the three transportation operations elements
Understand the cost impact of selecting modal options”