SCPRO: Inventory Management

Course Lessons: 6
Learner Hours: 12.5

Learn elements of inventory management like seeing, controlling, and managing inventory levels to maximize efficiency profitability.

Course Overview

“The Inventory Management training track provides the details to effectively plan for and manage inventory levels to satisfy customer demands and maximize organizational profitability. Inventory management personnel focus on achieving a balance of sufficient supply to meet customer demand. Ineffective planning can result in insufficient inventory levels, resulting in lost sales or excessive inventory and financial write-offs of obsolete stock. This track also covers the importance and use of inventory in the supply chain; exposure to different types of inventories; techniques for effectively managing and controlling inventory levels; the relationship between forecasting and inventory management; and the financial impacts of inventory investments.

Since inventory is a critical aspect within any organization, employers have an ongoing need for skilled personnel to plan, analyze, replenish, and safeguard all assets.

Enroll in Inventory Management to:

  • Describe inventory
  • Define inventory management
  • Explain inventory management interfaces”